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  • Skin Detox Oil | Nirakle Eladi Oil - Nirakle
  • Skin Detox Oil | Nirakle Eladi Oil - Nirakle
  • Skin Detox Oil | Nirakle Eladi Oil - Nirakle
  • Skin Detox Oil | Nirakle Eladi Oil - Nirakle
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Skin Detox Oil | Nirakle Eladi Oil

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Improves Skin Texture | For Radiant Glowing Skin | Moisturizer.

Nirakle Eladi Body Massage Oil is made using the purest natural ingredients. Enriched with cardamom, turmeric and cinnamon, it is excellent for enhancing your skin texture. Eladi Oil prevents the appearance fine lines and wrinkles and leaves you with more youthful and radiant skin. It aids in skin detoxification.This gentle, skin-cooling oil balances Vata and Kapha doshas


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients
  • Helpful in the treatment of pigmentation and acne
  • Aids Skin detoxification
  • Provides an instant radiance and glow to your skin
  • Improves skin texture and brightens the skin tone
  • Deeply moisturizes and leave your skin soft and supple.
  • Eladi Thailam is one of the safest oils to use for regular massages, even for infants.


  • Sthoola Ela/Bigger Cardamom: Cardamom helps to fight the signs of ageing.
  • Sukshma Ela/Smaller cardamom: Its antioxidant property helps to fight free radicals and prevent cell damage. Its antibacterial property act as blood purifier and clear out blemishes.
  • Choca/ Cinnamon: Rich in antioxidants, it helps treat hyperpigmentation and acne, lightens the skin, and decreases signs of aging.
  • Curcuma longa or Tumeric: This magical herb, provides glow and luster to your complexion.
  • Keram or Coconut oil: Rich in lauric acid, fatty acids and antioxidants it helps nourish the scalp and prevent dryness


Massage Nirakle Eladi Body Oil on your skin until completely absorbed. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Wash off with a mild cleanser. Use Nirakle Snana Choornam for better results. Use thrice a week.




Gentle on your skin & hair, 100% natural, and free from other synthetic substances.

Nirakle products are carefully handcrafted to enchant you with best quality of Ayurveda.

To ensure that the bio potency of our ingredients we maintain the highest quality of packaging.

Staying true to Ayurvedic tradition, NIRAKLE products address the root cause.

Partnered with the legacy of 110 yr old Ayurvedic wisdom, Nirakle uses the best of Ayurvedic herbs and preparation methods to ensure its efficacy.