Best Natural Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair

Best Natural Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair

People are gradually becoming aware of the risks of contaminated components and chemicals in everyday products. As a result, they place a higher value on organic and ayurvedic products since their hair is something they will never compromise. Organic products will never harm your hair or skin, and will instead create a favorable impression. In addition, they are the secret key to strong and healthy hair if we use them right. 

Nirakle brings you the best Natural Hair Care Products Online in India to pamper your hair with the pureness of nature. Here are some of our hair care products which are 100% organic and trustable to add in your hair care routine.

Nirakle Triphaladi Choornam

Triphala is a combination of three fruits which are haritaki, vibhitaki, and amla. Three of them are the trinities of Ayurveda. It's a potential tonic for your hair because it acts wonders by strengthening your roots and follicles in scalps promoting hair growth.

Nirakle introduces a powdered form of triphala generally known as triphala choornam offers various benefits for your hair. Some of them are:-

*Increases hair volume.
*Gives a natural shine.
*Protects from premature graying.
*Retain moisture.
*Prevent split ends, and dryness.
*Prevent dandruff.

Take 2 tbsp of Nirakle triphaladi choornam and mix it with water or pure coconut oil. Apply gently on your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Now wash it thoroughly in normal water. You would definitely feel the difference after the very first use.

Nirakle Kannunyadi Tailam

Kannuyadi tailam is a one-stop solution for your premature greying and the major ingredient in it is Kayyonni which is generally known as the king of hair or the Bhringaraja. You would get strong and healthy hair since it deeply nourishes and conditions your hair. It would keep your scalp clean and hygienic without even a single patch of dandruff. It would offer a cooling effect for your eyes as well as your body. Nelli/Amalaki in it would help your hair to shine since it contains antioxidant properties that helps in conditioning and strengthening your hair. Coconut oil, which is always the secret ingredient, helps in nourishing the scalp as well as prevents extreme dryness. 

For effective usage apply Nirakle kannunyadi tailam gently on your scalp covering the whole. Wait for 30-40 minutes and wash it with a mild shampoo. You may do it thrice a week for amazing outcomes.

Nirakle NeeliBringadi Hair Oil

Neelibringadi is always the prominent product for rapid hair growth. It is one of the stores of nutrients which are beneficial for strong and thick hair. The Nirakle neelibringadi oil is a blend of neeli, bringaraj amalki and keram. The Neeli which is the dominant ingredient is considered to be a powerful natural dye which prevents premature graying.

The oil goes deep into the scalp promoting hair growth. Also it would reduce hair fall by stimulating the roots and fossils in the scalp. In addition it minimizes frizz giving a healthy natural shine to your hair. 

Neelibringadi oil could be applied on your scalp and massage gently on a circular motion. Make sure that you have covered every portion. Leave for 30-40 minutes as such. Then rinse with normal water and mild shampoo. You may use it thrice a week for noticeable results.

Nirakle DurdooraPathradi Anti Dandruff Oil

Nirakle Ayurvedic hair tonic is an extract of a seed known as Durdhoora. It is rich in antioxidants and helps in blood circulation throughout the scalp which is sufficient for intense hair growth. This oil has a soothing effect that nourishes from scratch and prevents dandruff and other scalp fungi.

As it is a combination of Dhatura seed extracts and Virgin Coconut Oil this would guarantee thick and shiny hair with zero dandruff and frizziness.

For the best results, use it thoroughly thrice a week. Gently apply to every portion of your scalp and wait for 30-40 minutes for the oil to get into the scalp. Wash it with mild shampoo in normal water after.

Invest in your hair as soon as possible because it's the only crown never to take off. Feel the positive impacts of Ayurvedic products, and it will undoubtedly urge you to take care of your hair. Experience the goodness of Ayurveda with Nirakle, visit our website and get your life-saver products at the best prices.